How to Be Better in Bed – What Every Woman Wishes Men Knew

If you’ve been feeling inadequate in the bedroom lately and have been searching for information involving how to do it better in bed, then you’ve already taken the first step in becoming a better lover!

Tips on How to Be Better in Bed

1) Be confident.

Women love guys who are able to emit an aura of supreme confidence. You can harm yourself by constantly feeling like you are not good at pleasing your woman. Women like men who are confident of themselves. Lack of confidence makes you end up with a subpar performance.

2) Communication is key

This is quite simply the most important part of becoming a better in bed. Be open enough and ask your partner how she feels and she will tell you. Remember that a big part of learning any new skill is usually feedback.

3) Understand her body

It is important to learn those parts of her body that are most sensitive and receptive to your touch. Every woman’s body is unique in its own way, and each of us likes different things in bed. Therefore it is important to know what makes your girl squirm and weak.

4) Foreplay is important

Most men will rush to get to the point of sex without even paying attention to their woman’s body. Everything starts with good foreplay. This is basically erotic messages, kissing, making out, caressing and touching your girl’s most sensitive parts. Take your time. When you do foreplay, you will send shivers up her spine and make her aroused very quickly. Besides, foreplay serves to relax both of you and set your partners mood. With good foreplay, you will quickly get her to climax.

Tips to Make a Girl Cum and Orgasm

1) Grunt

Women hate making love with guys who stay silent. Women love to moan but they feel very uncomfortable if their man is completely silent. Something they want to hear are your grunts as they make them confident that you are actually enjoying the sex.

2) Play with Her Clitoris

Most women cannot get to the climax just by simple penetration alone. It’s therefore important that you correctly stimulate her clitoris as it is considered her most sensitive part. Use your tongue to play with her clitoris and pay attention to her moans. When stimulated the right way, she will get to explode real quick.

3) Explore the different positions

There are many positions you can try. Although some may not be your cup of tea, go ahead and explore those positions you have never tried before.

4) Increase your stamina

This one is pretty obvious. The longer you can go the better. There are many ways to improve your sexual stamina. It just comes down to choosing one proven method and working with it.

3) Talk Dirty to her

Although simple, this tip is useful to make your girl orgasm easily. Naturally, women view sex not only emotionally but also mentally. Therefore stimulating her mind can take her to greater heights when you make love.

Ways on Fingering a Girl and Make Her Cum

1) Clitoris stimulation

You can use your fingers to massage a girl’s vagina in a circular motion. You can also slide your fingers in a V-shape up and down the clitoris. Make sure you go at a slow steady pace and do not press too hard on the clitoris. This is because it is very sensitive and can be painful if not stimulated correctly. This will generate the right amount of pleasure to make her cum. You can use more than one finger and is recommended to reduce the stress on the wrist and hand.

2) Twist and shout

Push your index and middle finger into her vaginal opening, start slow, and ensure the vagina region is wet and thoroughly lubricated before penetration. Rotating your fingers while you enter her in and out, to give her a different and enjoyable sensation.

3) Discovering the G-Spot

You can locate the g-spot zone about 1-2 inches on the upper walls inside the vagina. The G-spot has a unique texture and feel. Somewhat like the top of the mouth. With your middle or index finger inside her vagina, you can easily discover the G-spot. Make a “come here” motion with the finger.

Every man can be a masterful lover who drives their women wild with want. Simply apply some of the sexy strategies above and you will make her batty in bed, I promise.

European Health Survey Database – Guidelines and Phases

An endeavor made by European Union member countries with respect to the collection of diversified health or body-fitness related statistics could be summarized as the European Health Survey Database. The collection of the statistics or data is made possible with the help of various surveys that are organized across the entire nations that are the members of European Union.

European Union – It is a union of 28 states, fundamentally located in Europe. They operate by considering the entire global economy as one exclusive unit.

This health survey is divided into four primary guidelines:

1] Status of the health – All the points that are related to the past health conditions are accounted. Some of these include – the physical and mental ability of the person, any chronic disease, any morbid sickness and so on.

2] The usage of health care facilities – Here all the factors that are related to taking care of the health are accounted for. Some of these factors include, doctor’s consultations, hospitalization, medication, any preventive actions and all the needs that are not met for the health care, are looked into.

3] Causes – There can be various causes for any type of sickness. But the basic data like height, weight and dietary meals is taken into account. Also some the data with respect to the regular habits like alcohol intake, smoking etc is also collected.

4] Economic status and background – All the personal information with respect to the age, sex along with the demographic statistics is accounted for.

The survey questionnaire was undertaken in the following manner:
1. The first phase was carried out between the year – 2006 and 2009. During this survey only 17 countries participated and supported the first phase.
2. The second phase was undertaken between – 2013 and 2015 – All the 28 EU countries participated in the second phase.

The point to be noted here is that the participation in the survey is not concurrent by all the member countries. Some of the EU countries have already finished their surveys while some member countries have yet to commence the survey. Now it is anticipated to conduct the survey every five years.

The entire questionnaire form was carrying 100 plus questions that were related to the above-mentioned guidelines. The targeted age group was 15 years and above, who are dwelling in their personal houses.
There was a standardized data-input structure that was maintained across the EU countries, to get the absolute results and easy comparison was possible. In order to simplify the procedure, the original copy of the questionnaire was printed in English and then it was translated into the local languages under Standard translation protocol.

It is anticipated that the accuracy will not be 100% but various correction ways were applied to overcome the possible differences.

The coordination of the entire data collection is undertaken by Eurostat – a D.G. (Directorate General) of E.C (European Commission), which is bound by the regulations laid down by EC.

The data collected is kept in the most confidential manner. The sensitive information is used and analyzed to make some important policy decisions by the European authorities. The main tool to monitor the healthcare systems across the EU countries is European Health Survey Database. Most of the scientific data is available to the public in the form of tables and databases for their studies.

Here’s How to Make Your Penis Bigger

If you are reading this, you surely want to know how to get a bigger dick. Well, you and every other man out there have this desire/dream. Many feel that their dick size is smaller than it should be and that it is a hindrance to satisfying their lovers. As such, they are looking and trying various methods to get a bigger dick size. The general assumption is that a bigger penis size will better impress a woman and make other men envious of your endowment.

While there are many factors that affect the size of the penis, genetics is at the very top of that list. Other factors include diet, lifestyle pollution or chemical exposure.

Now, before we get into the methods that can get you a bigger dick, let’s get this out of the way. There are two types of penises: show-ers and grow-ers. The show-ers are those that tend to hang long even when they are flaccid. When erect however, they only fill up with blood and do not undergo any significant change in length. Grow-ers on the other hand are short when flaccid and undergo a massive change in length when erect.

Now, let’s get into it. To get a bigger dick, there are various methods that you can employ that generally fall into two groups: natural and artificial. Whichever you choose, you are bound to yield results.

Plastic surgery

Your penis will be injected with fat from other parts of your body. It is mostly used increase the girth of the penis. Before you decide to go under the knife to get that extra length, be sure that you choose the right clinic and doctor because if anything goes wrong, there is no turning back.

Penis enlargement pills

Now, while many claim that these pills do not work, they just have not across those that do work. All pills are not the same. There are those that are made from herb and yield satisfy results. The best pills should however have the best results with as little side effects as possible.


There are certain foods that ten to increase the blood flow to various body parts – the penis included. Adding these foods to your daily diet will have you grow longer and larger after sometime. These foods include walnuts, sweet potatoes, blueberries, watermelon, garlic, ginger, carrots, onions, oysters, salmon and cherries.

Penis enlargement exercises

This is the most effective and proven method to improve in girth and length. It is natural, safe and free of side effects. It is guaranteed to work. The exercises include hot towel wrap, holding exercise, jelqing exercise and many more.

Have lots of sex

Yes, have lots of sex. Experts say that sexual activity can help you grow your penis bigger. When the penis is exercised often, it will mature and develop. The erection, ejaculation and flow of blood to the area will lead to an increase in growth as well as burning fat which will help to show its actual size. Couples are encouraged to spice up their sex lives, trying new techniques and positions.

European Health Survey Database: Goals and Principles

The European Health Survey Database is an effort by the EU member countries to collect various health-related data based on a series of surveys conducted across the European Union. The survey in question was carried out in two waves: the first one between 2006 and 2009 and the second one between 2013 and 2015. It should be noted that the first wave of the survey involved 17 countries, but all the 28 EU members participated in the second wave of the survey. The countries did not run the survey simultaneously; the data collection process in some of the EU countries have not started yet when others have already finished their surveys. It is expected that from now on the survey will take place every 5 years or so.

The questionnaire contained more than 100 questions on a broad range of different topics encompassing diverse aspects of health and healthcare. The participants of the survey were people aged 15 years and older, living in private households. In several EU member states there also was an upper limit to the age of the study’s participants. At the national level, the survey was either conducted separately or incorporated to the previously existing national surveys.

The input of the survey was generally standardized to ensure comparability of the results collected in different EU member states. The text of the survey was originally written in English and then translated into national languages using a standard translation protocol.

An estimation of the survey’s accuracy is not available, however, most of the participating countries applied correction methods to compensate for possible biases.

Eurostat, a Directorate-General of the European Commission, is coordinating the whole data collection process, acting under the regulations issued by the European Commission. Since medical data tends to be highly sensitive, all the results of the survey were carefully anonymized to ensure a high level of confidentiality. The European Health Survey Database do not contain any personal data that could theoretically allow to identify individual participants of the survey (names or addresses). To further ensure anonymity, some of the answers to the survey were grouped together or even dropped completely. Several of the countries participating in the survey did not calculate some of the indicators.

European authorities are using the results of the survey for making policy decisions. The European Health Survey Database is also a key instrument in monitoring the European healthcare system on an EU-wide level. A number of European agencies incorporate this health data in their analysis of different health issues for policy and scientific purposes. Scientific data is available to members of the public in several formats, mainly as databases and tables.

How to Go About Making Your Girl Cum Without Fucking

Love is merry and it can only be so when a man and a woman love each other for real. You can’t say as a man that you cherish your wife yet you do little to satisfy her while in bed. The usefulness of a pond can always be realized when it has dried up. Your woman will know to be worthy to you when you can’t find someone else to sleep with you when your penis gets hard. On the other hand, your lady can give you all her heart if you are able to meet her sexual demand. Sexual demand from a lady does not necessarily mean that you get your penis inside her vagina all night long. You could be doing that to her every night but your partner could be reaching out to the internet to find about, “how to make your man satisfy you sexually without even fucking”. A real man needs to learn about how to lick and eat a girl’s pussy out and make her cum the easy way without putting his dick in her pussy. Men don’t want to go to any class that teach sex lessons to have a clue about this approach of making girls reach an orgasm.

You should not be a man who just fuck and dash when you have already released your sperms to her. You need to be lively in bed by appreciating her entire body. There is no way you can say you love eating sausages yet when you buy it, you just focus on specific parts. A lady’s body is a precious asset any man can dream to own forever. As you take your lady by your side to your bed or sofa, you ought to do it in style. Maybe you can start from dinner by taking a sip or two of your favorite cocktail. Once done, move together to your preferred area in your home. Start by kissing her lips and exchange that crispy taste of the wine you had sipped.

The next thing by now should be to undress her. She should start by taking off your shirt then trouser and the underwear should remain at this time. You now need to strip her naked and don’t rush for her pussy because if you do that, you will be making your way to your own orgasm while still leaving her pussy dry not wet even a percentage. Kiss her neck like you have never kissed any part of her body. If she ask to offer you a blow, don’t refuse as long as you are certain of not letting you sperm gush onto her face before she reaches her orgasm. The next superior thing to do is to start licking around her charming pussy. Your lips should role around that area for as long as she makes enough noise until she starts calling you names you have never heard before.

Insert your entire tongue inside her pussy and roughly force it into her now wet pussy. Do that subsequently and lastly, she should place her entire genital area above your mouth as she squirt uncontrollably. She will cum like never before and she will after then be wanting you more and more.

How To Cum More And More

Learning how to ejaculate and cum more sperm is not a difficult task. There isn’t a lot to know and pretty much everything you need to understand about ejaculating more will be discussed in this article.

I need to talk about the characteristic approaches to ejaculate more first. These are approaches to cum more without the utilization of pills.

1. The main approach to cum more is to drink a great deal of water. Your sperm is water based and drinking a ton of water will keep your body fed and solid. It will make your body enhanced to create copious and solid sperm, and in addition helping produce it in bigger amounts.

2. The second approach to cum more is to utilize the “unpredictable” system. While you engage in sexual relations or jerk off, you will need to satisfy yourself until you are at a state of peaking. Before you peak, you need to hold off. Ideally you will have enough control, in light of the fact that this is amazingly hard to do as the greater part of you know. You can do this the greatest number of times as you can. You will need to hold up until your penis turns out to be moderately flabby and start once more. The more you do this, the more cum will develop. There is a point where it won’t work anymore in one session. This will be marginally distinctive for everybody and you will need to trial. When you do ejaculate, you can expect a huge sum and breathtaking optics!

3. Being sound and keeping your wellness up. Being solid and staying fit is a decent answer for each issue it appears. It bodes well, in light of the fact that when you are solid, you truly keep yourself from encountering numerous ailments and permit yourself to inhabit larger amounts. Delivering sperm is not a special case. Not just will you have more sperm, you will likewise have healthier sperm that is more powerful and rich. Fruitfulness is amazingly imperative to go on your qualities. Being sound includes investing energy doing cardio or weight preparing. There are numerous sorts of approaches to stay fit, from playing games to hitting up the exercise center. Fundamentally, anything that gets your heart going will be useful.

Being solid permits blood to move through your body productively. Your heart will be solid and resolve your personal satisfaction. Great blood stream is vital in light of the fact that it permits blood to course through your penis to give you harder and more erections. This will help you shoot a superior load and help in the exchange of semen successfully through your penis.

4. Avoiding jerking off for a couple of days is an extremely powerful approach to cum a great deal more. You should do nothing more than not ejaculate for a couple of days and whenever you ejaculate, you can hope to see more volume. Normally, a couple of days is everything you need, as avoiding for more time after this will create consistent losses. Remember that this will differ from individual to individual, however ordinarily it is around 2-3 days. When you don’t ejaculate for a couple of days, your body has sufficient energy to make and store more semen. You can likewise utilize the above techniques joined with this one to help you cum a ton more. It could be the most you have ever ejaculated on the off chance that you have never attempted it.

A large portion of the routines to create more semen actually aren’t that viable. They will help, however normally won’t deliver the outcomes you need. On the off chance that you ejaculate practically nothing, it’s the way it is. You didn’t do anything to precipitate this. On the off chance that you need a few genuine volume in your discharges, then you will need to purchase a semen volume creating item. There are some assortment of decisions, however there are just a couple decent ones that numerous men have discovered accomplishment with.

The Concepts of European Health Survey Database

A European health survey database was developed between 2003 and 2006 whereby all the European Member States were involved. The main aim of health survey is basically harmonizing high degree of comparability among Member State based on health status, lifestyle as well as health care services. This survey comprises of four modules that include socioeconomic background variables, health determinants, health care and health status. As a point of fact, this survey provides with a consistently high quality and fully comparable information that indicates the challenges facing the health information system.

The modules dealt with the European health survey database were implemented at the national level as the most essential elements of conducting the survey. These topics were investigated as follows:

Health status

  • Disease specific morbidity
  • Accidents and injuries
  • Work-related health problems
  • Health absenteeism from work
  • Physical and sensory functional limitation

Health care

  • Hospitalization
  • Consultation
  • Visits to specific non-medical health professionals
  • Use of home care and home help services
  • Use of medicines
  • Health care, preventive actions

Health determinants

  • Height and weight
  • Physical activity
  • Consumption
  • Environment
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Illicit drug use
  • Smoking behavior and exposure to tobacco smoke

The European Commission is actively working in order to improve the mechanisms for health reporting that outlines the recommendation of the survey as well as the strategies for improving quality, widening access to and improving comparability of health information. Actually, the framework of conducting this survey is determined by the operational systems that collect data on the state of health of the population. These systems require conceptual clarity that attributes, procedures, concepts, survey design, reliability as well as validity just to mention but a few.

While determining European health survey database, the methods used are the basis for evaluation. The common methods that enable the survey to take place is the Health Interview Surveys and Health Examination Surveys. The Health Examination Surveys comprises of an interview as well as a few measurements. The use of internet-based database during the national health surveys allows quick reference, comparison of methods as well as the instrument used. Consequently, the aspect of collaboration and co-ordination promotes a comprehensive health monitoring, supporting the development of nationals and European-level health policy.

From the international and inter-survey comparability point of view, the health monitoring information focuses on the ways of reporting the data for diverse target group as well as the type of information to accompany the actual data. The health survey works technically given that the suggested indicators are logically set. The forms and contents of the survey are expected to develop continually purposely for diverse uses of the data. This focus on reporting different levels of grouping indicators for different user group both national and European Union level.

In conclusion, the European health survey database enables the actual prevalence of many diseases to be assessed. However, health examination surveys encompass strategic objectives that aim at tackling areas in which strong European added value can be achieved. The European Union is now in a key position to make this structure sustainable in expanding so that to cover other measurements. Therefore, European countries have the mandate to support the planning and evaluation of health policies.

The European Health Survey Database

The European Health Survey Database is based on the information collected through interviews with individuals over the age of 16. The questions pertain to health and are standardized throughout Europe.

This survey is promoted by the Directorate-General for Health and Consumer Protection (DGSANCO) of the European Commision, and coordinated by the European Statistics Office (Eurostat). The first European Health Survey Database was put together in 2009, and is repeated every five years (the second survey was carried out in 2014).

The European Health Survey Database is based on information collected in 18 countries of the European Union. It’s main objectives are the following:

  • Provide information as to the population’s health in a way that is harmonized, allows for comparisons amongst countries, and can be used to plan and evaluate public health policies.
  • Identify what citizens feel are the main problems regarding public health (chronic diseases, pain, accidents, and limitations which inhibit daily activities).
  • Know the population’s level of access and ability to utilize health services.
  • Know what are the determing factors regarding health, such as environmental characteristics (physical and social) and lifestyle habits that can be amenable through public health-promotion interventions, and also to evaluate the effects of public health policies and strategies.

All of the information that is contained in The European Health Survey Database allows the Health Ministries and other related institutions of the participating countries to evaluate and plan their public health policies.

The information is collected over a period of 12 months, and is based on five large blocks of data:

Characteristics of the Home

  • Basic information regarding the household and the individuals in the home: age, sex, the economic activity of each individual over sixteen years of age in the house, type of home, and income.

Physical Social-Demographic Characteristics of the Selected Person

  • Information gathered on the following individual characteristics: country of birth, nationality, marital status, highest level of education obtained, current or most recent professional status, and/or current occupation.
  • European Health Status Module: information on the basic variables which relate to one’s state of health, such as mental health, chronic diseases, physical conditions, accidents suffered, limitations on basic functions, etc.
  • European Health Care Module: the intent here is to measure how the main types of medical services are being utilized such as hospitalizations, visits and consultations with doctors, specialists, dentists, and other health professionals. Moreover, the interview subject’s consumption of medication, both with or without a prescription.

Special attention is placed on the population’s use of preventative health services and general satisfaction with health services, independent of there being a prescient need to access these services. Using a self-administered questionnaire, information is obtained regarding the cost to the citizen for using health services and consuming medications.

European Health Determinants Module

Information on physical characteristics (weight and height) and recommended lifestyle habits, such as the amount of exercise and the consumption of fruit and vegetables. Different lifestyles and environmental conditions are analyzed, such as exposure to noise, exposure to pollution, and experiences with abuse and/or intimidation. Additionally, a self-administered questionnaire is used to determine an individual’s consumption of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs.